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We live in a privileged place. Arnuero is a town of less than five hundred inhabitants, situated in the Natural Park of the Marshes of Santoña, and with an undeniable charm. Strolling by bike or car, you will enjoy many options.

To the north, the virgin cliffs of live rock, heathers and grasses. East, famous for its kilometric sandy beaches, marshes and oak forest of Mount Cincho.

To the West the Estuary  Castellanos, a haven of peace that ends at the Playa de la Arena, with two spaces (one of them nudist) forms one of the most unique beaches in Cantabria.

Our door passes the primitive Camino de Santiago and 10 km. south, the Cantabrian motorway A20, unites us to the world without ever bothering.

The space we inhabit is specially prepared to be able to live. The Trasmiera Ecopark is an open air museum that offers you routes, mills, bike rental, concerts, exhibitions ….

The Hostería de Arnuero actively collaborates with the eco-park for your enjoy this corner of Cantabria.

Near us you’ll find:


15 mins  1 hour Near by 30 mins
– Liérganes   
– Somo
– Laredo
– Museo Gugenheim, Bilbao
– Potes, Puerta de Picos de Europa
– Nacimiento del rio Ebro
– Santoña
– Noja
– Cabo de Ajo
– Santa María de Bareyo
– Santander
– Santillana del Mar
– Altamira
– Comillas
– Castro Urdiales
– Parque natural de los Collados del Asón
– Valles Pasiegos